Repertoire registration deadline 28.2. and timetables for every category

The repertoire registration deadline for the IV International Kantele Competition is getting near. All ensembles except children’s event KanteleKimara ensembles must register their repertoire through the online form by 28th of February:

For children ensembles in KanteleKimara the deadline is 31st of March and the repertoire will be send via the same online form. Please note that you cannot exceed the time limits stated in the rules:

          KanteleKimara and Youth categories 10 minutes
          Open category 15 minutes
          Professional category 20 minutes

The judge panel has the right to take away points if the competition performance is too long. There is additional 5 minutes for the small ensembles and 10 minutes for the large ensembles for getting on and off stage only but the performance itself must stay inside the time limits stated in the rules, so please be exact with your repertoire.

The preliminary time tables for the categories have been made. You can find the time tables here: Saturday and Sunday. There can still be changes inside the categories if I have made some mistakes and there are sfor example some same teacher’s ensembles overlapping each other. So please inform me immediately if you see mistakes in the time tables!