The international kantele competition for ensembles will be organized by the Kantele Association at the Tampere Conservatory of Music and the Pirkanmaa Music Institute on 6–8 May 2022. The possible corona restrictions valid at the time will be taken into account. The different categories of the competition will be based on the size of the ensemble, the age of the participants and the level of their musical education. The performances of the ensembles will not be divided according to the genre of the music they play or on the number of the strings of the instruments, unless the jury feels this is necessary after having heard the performances.  The organizers and the jury will have the right to change the categories based on the number of participants or for any other reason or to pre-select participants based on video recordings.

The corona pandemic may cause some special arrangements. It is also possible that the competition or part of it, will have to be organized as a video competition or as a streamed event.

In connection with the competition, KanteleKimara and KanteleKatselmus will be organized as national events by the Kantele Teachers Society.

The patroness of the competition is president Tarja Halonen.


Youth categories

   Group I ages 13 to 15

    Duration of the performance: max.  1o minutes

   Group II   ages 16 to 19

   Duration the performance: max. 15 minutes

The group (I or II) should be chosen based on the age of the participant on 31 December 2021. Duos choose their group based on the age of the older member of the duo. In trios or quartets one member can be from the older age group. In bigger ensembles, two members can be from the older age group. Participants who are studying to be professional musicians can take part in age group II as aforementioned exceptions. Exceptions downwards, to a younger age group, are possible. 


Most of the members of the ensemble are studying to be professional musicians or have already finished their professional training or if they work as a professional ensemble.

Duration of the performance: 2o minutes.


Small ensembles and large ensembles have their own categories. A small ensemble can have max. four members.

In addition to kantele, there can be other instruments or a singer in the ensemble: in duos, trios or quartets, one member of the ensemble can play some other instrument or sing, in larger ensembles there can be two such members.  The programme has to emphasize the role of the kantele.


In every category, the ensembles will perform the programme they have announced in advance. The programme should not exceed the time limit. If it does, the jury has the right to deduct points. There are no compulsory pieces. The jury will evaluate the understanding of the genre of music played by the ensemble and the overall impression made by the performance. In every category, singing can be part of the performance.


There will be different juries for different categories. The members of the juries are eminent kantele players from Finland and abroad and also other representatives of the music world. The chairman of the jury is Eija Kankaanranta. She is a doctor of music and teaches at the University of Arts Helsinki. Every participating ensemble will receive a written evaluation of its performance. There will be money prizes and special prizes. The juries will plan the programme for the final concert.


A registration form can be found at the Kantele Association website: This should be filled in and sent by 31 January 2022 at 4 pm (local time). The repertoire of the ensemble should be sent by 31 March 2022 using the relevant form available at The form should include detailed information about the programme: composers, arrangements, lyrics and durations. Registrations after the deadline will not be accepted.

Rigister by 31 January 2022 at 4 pm (local time).


The registration fee is based on the number of members of the ensemble. The fee is 10 euros for each participant who is a member of the Kantele Association. The fee is 40 euros for non-members. You can become a member at:

The registration fee should be paid by the contact person of the ensemble by 30 April 2022. The registration fee will not be returned if the ensemble is unable to take part in the competition. If the competition should be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, 50% of the registration fee will be returned.


The same person can be a member of several ensembles.

Participating ensembles must bring all the instruments, tables, piano or other special chairs, music stands and technical equipment that they require. If the ensemble brings its own PA system, this should be mentioned in the registration form. On the stage there will be orchestra chairs and some piano stools. 

All the performances at the competition are public. The organiser of the competition will have unlimited rights to broadcast the competition performances on radio and television, to make audio and video tapes, films and records and to show performances on the internet without paying any compensation to the ensembles. 

These rules were originally written in Finnish. Any disagreements arising from them will be resolved according to the Finnish text.


The ensembles will cover the costs of travelling, accommodation and meals themselves.


The Kantele Association or a committee appointed by the Association will have the right to make changes or adjustments to these rules.


The International Kantele Competition for Ensembles 2022 and also the KanteleKimara and KanteleKatselmus events are organized in co-operation with the Tampere Conservatory of Music and the Pirkanmaa Music Institute.


Emma Kuntsi, producer of the competition
tel. +358 40 0343 338

Anna Krohn, secretary of the competition committee
tel. +358 40 7247 127

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