The jury for the IV International Kantele Competition has been chosen

The Jury President is Arja Kastinen, Doctor of Music.
Arja Kastinen made a doctoral degree in Sibelius Academy in 2000. Her subject was Karelian kantele improvisation in 19th century. After her doctoral degree she has worked as a freelancer researcher, teacher and musician.

The jury panels for each category are:

Children’s event KanteleKimara & Open category (other music)

Senni Eskelinen
Senni Eskelinen is one of top kantele players in Finland. Her instrument is 39 stringed concert kantele and she has performed both solo and in bands such as Stringpurée Band. Eskelinen is Master of Music graduated from Sibelius Academy in 2013. In her music you can find sounds from progressive rock to archaic improvisation. Senni Eskelinen is known as a reformer of kantele music.

Sari Kauranen
Sari Kauranen is Master of Music graduated from Sibelius Academy. She has over 30 years of pedagogic experience of kantele and music. Presently she teaches in music institute of Raahe. Sari Kauranen has been part of ensembles Loituma and A’tre.

Emma Kuntsi
Emma Kuntsi (Bachelor of Music Pedagogy, Master of Music) works as a musician, kantele teacher and choir leader. She is the Chair of Kantele Teachers’ Association, sings is choirs and composes.

Art music (Youth, Open and Professional categories)

Susanna Heinonen
Susanna Heinonen is Master of Music. She has taught in several music institutes in Helsinki area, has performed as a soloist and in several ensembles and Finnish top choirs in Finland and abroad. Susanna Heinonen is Chair of Kantele Association.

Markus Luomala
Markus Luomala is Master of Music from Sibelius Academy as well Stocholm Royal Music Academy, graduating as conductor of orchestra. Luomala works as a musician and as a lecturer in Kaustinen Music High School.

Kristi Mühling (Estonia)
Kristi Mühling is a versatile musician and teacher playing Estonian chromatic kannel. She has graduated from Sibelius Academy in 2000. She has premiered many modern pieces for Estonian kannel both as a soloist and as a chamber musician but also enjoys playing folk music and improvisation. Mühling teaches at Estonian Music and Theatre Academy and performs actively in Estonia and abroad.

Youth category (folk music and other music), Open category (folk music) and Professional category (folk music and other music)

Anu Alviola
Anu Alviola is Master of Music, kantele teacher and musician from Lahti, Finland. She teaches kantele palying and folk music in  music institutes in Lahti and Mäntsälä.

Arja Kastinen (Jury President)
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Ville Ojanen
Ville Ojanen was born in Kaustinen graduating from Kaustinen Music Highschool in 1991. After that he studied Master’s degree of Philosophy in Jyväskylä university’s music pedagogy department. Ojanen has had a successful career as a musician and composer of modern folk music already for over twenty years.

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