Dear participant of the IV International Kantele Competition,

The competition is coming soon! It will be so great to finally see you all, let’s make an awesome competition together! We will update the page of the competition during next week so that everything will be as good as possible during the competition. There is also an info desk at the competition that will help you.

Final concerts and feedback
As we have mentioned before, the prizes and placings will be given at the final concerts on both days and the written feedback will be be given via email to the groups and/or their leaders a week after the competition.

The final concert starts at 17.30 on Saturday and 16.00 on Sunday. Some groups from the competition will be chosen by the jury to perform at the final concerts. After that the prizes are given. On Saturday for the children’s event KanteleKimara and youth category, on Sunday for open and professional categories. We will try to keep the concert duration at 90 minutes, so we try to end the concert by 19 o’clock on Saturday and 17.30 on Sunday.

Kantele night 5.5. at 20.30
We would like to welcome you to kantele night at the Kansanlääkintäkeskus hotel! Music will start at 20.30. The musicians are the experts of the traditional style of the Perhonjokilaako style (the surrounding area). There is also a possibility to eat dinner from 18-21. I hope that you all participate in the kantele night!

The jury
Take a look at our jury here:
Some introductions of the jury members will be added on the site later.

Registrating at the info desk
The registration for the competition will take place at the info desk in Kansantaiteenkeskus, at the venue. Info desk is already open on Friday from 16.00-22.00 if you want to registrate before Saturday. On Saturday and Sunday the info desk opens at 7.00 and on Saturday we close at 21.00 and on Sunday after the final concert. Please do the registration before your rehearsal time so that we know you have arrived.

The bills have been sent to those participating the shared school accommodation. Please pay the invoice by the due date. The more specific information about the accommodation will be sent next week.

You can see the menu for the Kansanlääkintäkeskus hotel here. It is a buffet menu and there is both lunch and dinner. They also offer sauna and other treatments which you can see from the brochure.

Chairs and tables
I’m reminding you once more that you have to bring your own instrument tables and chairs if you have not discussed otherwise. There are ordinary chairs at the venue but I encourage you to take piano chairs etc. with you because these normal chairs are usually quite low for playing instruments on tables.

Stage plan
As mentioned in the last info letter, you have to draw a stage plan at latest at registration but if it is possible for you, I would be happy to receive stage plans beforehand via email. You can see the instructions in the last info letter. I welcome plans drawn by hand scanned or made with an app.


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