Dear participant of the IV International Kantele Competition,

This info letter contains a lot of valuable information, please read it through carefully.

The schedule
You can find the preliminary schedule for the competition here . Please note that this is not the final schedule and some minor changes can happen. We try to avoid making any major changes to the timetable but please keep you travelling schedule loose enough. We will make the final version of the timetable soon.  We will try to arrenge the timetable so that the same teachers ensembles are not on top of each other but other wishes regarding the time of the performances we unfortunately cannot possibly fulfill. So please take in consideration that your ensemble’s performance may take place in the morning if the category is marked so in the timetable.  Unfortunately it is not possible to test the competition venues beforehand and due to the large amount of contestants it is not possible to have long rehearsal times. The rehearsal times are meant for tuning and warming up only and are in comparison to the ensemble size. So please make sure you are ready with rehearsals before arriving the competition venue!  We will make the reheasal timetable soon.

The repertoire registration
The repertoire for is now online in:

As it is stated in the rules the form must be filled in by 28th of February . For Children’s event the deadline is later: 31st of March. Please fill in one form for every ensemble you represent (only one registration per ensemble).

Accommodation and Facebook
There are few dormitory rooms still left in Kaustinen and hotel Kansanlääkintäkeskus is quite full. There can possibly be some vacancies if you ask after 4th of March. We will inform you in a few days with a separate email about accommodations with vacancies in Kaustinen so please check you email if you are interested in those! Also you should try and figure out your options independently because we do not know about all the possibilities  there are in the nearby area.

I’ve had so many reservations to the school class floor accommodation that this accommodation option is quite full also if there are no cancellations. Please note that if you have expressed an interest in accommodating on the school floor outside dates 5th-7th of May it is not possible because the school is in use during the weekdays Monday to Friday! So outside 5th to 7th of May I ask you to find another accommodation separately.

If you don’t yet have a place to stay in Kaustinen, I recommend you to book an accommodation in Kokkola which is a little bit over 30 minutes away by car, if that is possible for you or then some other nearby town. Matkahuolto buses run from Kokkola to Kaustinen seldomly during the weekends so I recommend that you arrange shared transportation or take a taxi together. I have created a group in Facebook for conversations about the competition and for asking and offering shared transportation to and from the competition. You can find the group in Facebook by searching : IV International kantele competition

Friday the 5th of May
As we have mentioned in the previous info letter, there is no competition yet on the 5th of May but a beginning concert where the local kantele musicians play. The concert begins 20.30. so that those travelling in the bus from Helsinki to Kaustinen will have an opportunity to listen to the concert as well. The exact place and programme will be stated later

Thank you for reading this through and we wish you a lovely February!

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!





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