Opetustöitä tarjolla englannin tai norjan kielen ja perinnetyylejä hallitsevalle kanteleensoittajalle kesäkuun lopulla tai heinäkuun alussa Helsingissä. Runolauluperinteen tuntemus plussaa! Lue hakemus alta ja ota suoraan yhteyttä Trygveen:

”We, Trygve Beddari and Anne Margaret Nilsen, are living in Pasvik/Paatsjoki, Norway next to the Finnish border. For some years now we’ve been performing the old songs from Finland and also the Kalevala tradition. Now we got a travel scholarship from Pohjoismainen Kulttuuripiste to travel to Helsinki and learn some more of this tradition. We are especially interested in getting more Kantele playing tips and hints. Trygve is using his 5, 8 and 10 string kanteles at concerts. Also the old Kalevala singing tecniques are of interest.

We want to go to Helsinki in the end of june (28.june to 3. july). We hope you can help us find someone who may guide us in these subjects. 8 hours total will be fine but also fewer hours is possible. It can be daytime or evening time. We can pay for the tuition. 

Here you can see a litte more about our work: www.beddari.no/kvenskfinsk.html

Kind Regards
Trygve Beddari

Mobile +4797719901 Email: tbeddari(at)gmail.com”