Torstaina 6.9. Musiikkitalon klubilla pläjähtää soimaan Okra Playground, jossa mukana myös kantelistit Maija Kauhanen ja Essi Muikku! Illan aloittaa duo Pajolaine klo 21 ja Okra Playground soi klo 22.

Okra Playground

Okra Playground is a modern Helsinki-based ensemble which extracts its essence from archaic echoes of old Finnish tradition. With the differing musical backgrounds of the groups six professional musicians the band is able to combine ancient archaic melodies with modern riffs and groovy basslines.

The musicians of this groundbreaking group are well known in the fields of folk- and popmusic – both in Finland and abroad. You can hear them in bands like Rosa, Brelo, Rönsy, Hohka, Duo Hirvonen & Kettunen, Siba Folk Big Band, Ruber and Terveisin Tero.

Okra Playground’s tunes and songs are a great example of mixing rootsy instrumental performances with striking melodies and witty lyrics to build up a stunning symbiosis of acoustic and electric music mixing rootsy instrumental performances with striking melodies.

Päivi Hirvonen – fiddle, bowed harp, vocals
Maija Kauhanen – kantele, vocals
Essi Muikku – kantele, vocals
Sami Kujala – bass
Veikko Muikku – accordion
Tatu Viitala – percussions