Myydään kaksi 10-kielistä kanteletta. Myyjän ilmoitus:

” The brown one is a kaustisen soitinverstas ten string a-d, it has brass bass for brighter sound and sounds loud and nice. Price : 100e

The green is a jussi Laasanen ten strings tuned : D a d e f g a’ b’ c’ d’
Has five brass strings in the law. Despite the fact that it is a much older instrument that has known life, it has a sweet mellow tone suitable for gentle touch.
Price : 60e

I have a soft custom carrying case that suits both kantele, if you want it, it adds 30e to the instruments price.

Email is : louhentaika at gmail dot com
I am in Helsinki and I can send the instruments although it is always safer if people come to collect it themselves.


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